Phone Calls for Freedom: Phase Two

NO al Acuerdo de Salvacion Nacional
NO to the National Salvation Agreement, which is just an Agreement to hand the country over to the usurper regime indefinitely.

Happy Independence Day, Venezuela! Our country is currently enduring the darkest chapter in its history, but this institution is proof that there are still Venezuelans fighting to free their country, by pen or by sword.

Last week’s Phone Calls for Freedom campaign was a stunning success! Even today, Venezuelans and North American allies are still contacting members of the US government with the 5 exigencies to counter the propaganda of the false opposition. One unexpected result of this campaign is that the seeds of new Citizens Embassies and Citizens Consulates of Venezuela have been planted in Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Northern Europe, and Southern Europe, and they will replicate our work in those countries.

In addition, our Cuban exile ally Manuel Milanes has headed the founding of a network of Cuban Civic Consulates in countries around the world, based directly on the model of the Citizens Embassy of Venezuela, to help Cuban refugees abroad and work to suffocate the Castro regime in Cuba.

One unexpected contingency was that the email of Ambassador James Story has changed and the one we provided no longer works. That was only a minor nuisance, since his embassy was still contactable on social media.

One common suggestion from dozens of patriots who volunteered to participate is that Phone Calls for Freedom should extend to other countries, with Venezuelan patriots providing a counterweight to Juan Guaidó and Leopoldo Lopez in those places. That’s why on this Independence Day, the Citizens Embassy of Venezuela in the United States is proud to announce Phase Two of the campaign. This week we call on all Venezuelans around the world to contact specific members of the Canadian government to oppose the so-called ‘National Salvation Agreement’ and more elections with the usurper regime.


  • Communicate directly with each of the public officials and their offices. Use all means of communication available (phone call + email + messages on social media).
  • If you’re in the United States, call the listed congressmen at their Washington office and also at their district office in their home state. If you want to make calls from abroad, the international US code is +1.
  • On all emails and messages on social networks, include a selfie photo with your Venezuelan ID or passport or your US or state photo ID where the data is clear, to verify that you are a real person and not a bot. (You’re sending this to government officials, not to random people on the Internet.)
  • Make a short video for social media saying that you participated in the Phone Calls for Freedom for Venezuela campaign because there can be no democracy under a dictatorship and a foreign military occupation.

The 5 key demands to communicate

  • NO to the “National Salvation Agreement”. We do not want elections with the regime. They have never respected the results of the elections: neither the 2004 referendum, nor the 2007 reform, nor the 2015 parliamentary elections, nor the 2017 regional ones.
  • Juan Guaidó no longer represents the Venezuelan people. He sold his town to the regime to enrich himself with the other corrupt ones. We no longer support or acknowledge it. Leopoldo López is another cohabiting scammer and he doesn’t represent us either.
  • Instead another absurd call for elections, we want all Cuban soldiers, Russian soldiers, Colombian guerrillas, members of Hezbollah, and Mexican drug traffickers to leave Venezuela immediately. They are all invaders.
  • We want to dismantle the PSUV party-state and the Suns Cartel, just as the National Socialist party-state was dismantled in Germany in 1945. They are not a government, they are a mafia. End of story.
  • We respectfully demand that Canada stop funding the false opposition (a.k.a. the “Interim Government”) immediately and that the Foreign Ministry abandon talks on more elections with the regime and, instead, to focus on pressing for the immediate withdrawal of all the Cubans and Russian troops from Venezuela. We’re not asking for a foreign military intervention, but for the enemy troops who already invaded our country to LEAVE.

List of public servants to contact

Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development

Sven Spengemann
MP, House of Commons (Ontario), Chairman of Committee on Foreign Affairs
Phone (Ottawa) 613-992-4848
District 905-273-8033

The Honorable Michael D. Chong
MP, House of Commons (Ontraio)
Phone (Ottawa) 613-992-4179
District 519-843-7344

Stéphane Bergeron
MP, House of Commons (Quebec)
Phone (Ottawa) 613-996-2416
District 450-922-2562

Kerry Diotte
MP, House of Commons (Alberta)
Phone (Ottawa) 613-992-3821
District 780-495-3261

Peter Fonseca
MP, House of Commons (Ontario)
Phone (Ottawa) 613-996-0420
District 905-566-0009

The Honorable Hedy Fry
MP, House of Commons (British Columbia)
Phone (Ottawa) 613-992-3213
District 604-666-0135

Garnett Genuis
MP, House of Commons (Alberta)
Phone (Ottawa) 613-995-3611
District 780-467-4944

Jack Harris
MP, House of Commons (Newfoundland and Labrador)
Phone (Ottawa) 613-996-7269
District 709-772-7171

Marty Morantz
MP, House of Commons (Manitoba)
Phone (Ottawa) 613-995-5609
District 204-984-6432

Robert Oliphant
MP, House of Commons (Ontario)
Phone (Ottawa) 613-992-2855
District 416-467-7275

Ruby Sahota
MP, House of Commons (Ontario)
Phone (Ottawa) 613-995-4843
District 905-840-0505

Ya’ara Saaks
MP, House of Commons (Ontario)
Phone (Ottawa) 613-941-6339
District 416-638-3700

Senate Committee on Human Rights

Salma Ataullahjan
Senator (Ontario), Chairman of the Committee on Human Rights, Member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade
Telephone: 613-947-5906

Wanda Elaine Thomas Bernard
Senator (Nova Scotia), Deputy Chairman of Committee on Human Rights
Telephone: 613-996-2090

Nancy J. Hartling
Senator (New Brunswick), Deputy Chairman of Committee on Human Rights
Telephone: 613-995-9191

Yvonne Boyer
Senator (Ontario)
Telephone: 613-943-3500

Yonah Martin
Senator (British Columbia)
Telephone: 613-947-4078

Marie-Françoise Mégie
Senator (Quebec)
Telephone: 613-996-2357

Thanh Hai Ngo
Senator (Ontario), Deputy Chairman of Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade
Telephone: 613-943-1599

Kim Pate
Senator (Ontario)
Telephone: 613-995-9220

Scott Tannas
Senator (Alberta)
Telephone: 613-943-2240

Foreign Ministry

The Honourable Marc Garneau, MP
Foreign Minister
Telephone: 613-996-7267

The Honourable Karina Gould, MP
Minister of International Development
Telephone: 613-995-0881

Because we’re extending Phone Calls for Freedom, if you haven’t already contacted all the American public servants listed in Phase One, we urge you to contact them right away. It’s important. Here is the information for Phase One of the campaign. The Citizens Embassy is not calling on you to protest in the streets of Caracas today and be shot. Instead, we’re asking you from the safety and comfort of your own home to contact a few dozen people by phone and email and social media, and share with them your personal story and the 5 key demands.

Down with Maduro, down with Chavismo, and long live Free Venezuela.

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