Citizens Embassy team visits Venezuelans detained in Irwin County, Georgia (+ Video)

Embajador Ciudadano Collins visita a venezolanas detenidas en Georgia

ATLANTA (9 de marzo de 2020) – El Embajador Ciudadano de Venezuela ante Estados Unidos, Hunter Collins, dirigió a un equipo de voluntarios venezolanos al Centro de Detención del Condado de Irwin en Georgia para visitar a 4 mujeres venezolanas encerradas en detención migratoria.La visita fue exitosa y se recopiló más información sobre el tratamiento de los detenidos y el alboroto entre ICE y las cárceles migratorias con fines de lucro. Se les sacaron al equipo de la paraembajada tras de tomar varias fotos, por lo que Collins hizo la siguiente declaración frente a la Cámara de Comercio del Condado de Irwin.#Venezuela #SOSVenezuela #venezolanoseneeuu #venezolanosenusa #ICE #embajadavenezolana #paraembajada

Posted by Embajada Ciudadana Venezolana Virtual en EEUU on Monday, March 9, 2020

ATLANTA (March 9, 2020) — The Citizen Ambassador of Venezuela in the United States, Hunter Collins, led a team of Venezuelan volunteers to the Irwin County Detention Center in Georgia to visit 4 Venezuelan women trapped in migratory detention.

The visitation was successful and more information was collected about the treatment of detainees and the racket between ICE and the for-profit migrant prisons. The team from the Citizen Embassy was asked to leave the premises after taking several photos, so Collins delivered the following message in front of the Irwin County Chamber of Commerce.

“What’s going on, y’all? Happy Sunday. We’re down here in Ocilla, Georgia, in Irwin County. We’re taking this video in front of the Chamber of Commerce because they booted us out of the Irwin Detention Center down here. They said we’re not allowed to take videos or stand around. I understand, no problem.

“Today I was accompanied by 3 Venezuelan people and we were visiting 4 Venezuelan women that have been detained in the detention center down here in Irwin County. They’ve been here for 6, 8, 10 months. And I’m asking ICE here as an American citizen, please stop spending my money on people that are not a threat to this country. I understand if you want to take criminals off the streets, drug dealers, sex traffickers. Get them out of here, OK? But these women, these men and women, have committed no crimes other than asking for asylum on the Mexican border.

“We don’t need them detained for 8 or 10 months. They need to be out here producing for the United States. They need to be out producing for the United States, not taking $150, $200 per head every day and funneling that money to businesses like LaSalle and Geo. OK? We don’t need any more of that, it’s not an efficient use of funds, and we need these people out with their families, man.

“And look… There are some things about the conditions in these facilities in terms of medical treatment, in terms of actual treatment, racism, things like that that we don’t need to have, man. It’s not necessary.

“So I’m asking you, ICE. I’m asking the state senators and local elected officials, please get these folks out of here, man. Please get these folks out.”

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The Citizen Embassy of Venezuela began with a joke when activist Hunter Collins symbolically dismissed Venezuelan Ambassador to the US, Carlos Vecchio, for failing to fulfill the duties of his office. They published the Virtual Venezuelan Citizen Embassy website after Vecchio’s embassy website had been down and offline for two months. Despite gaining attention and notoriety with political satire, the volunteers and staff of the Citizen Embassy are serious about their commitment to fight for the freedom of Venezuela and the dignity of the Venezuelan diaspora.

Down with Maduro and his criminal regime.

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