Citizens Embassy rejects ‘National Salvation Agreement’ on behalf of the lives destroyed by the regime

NO al Acuerdo de Salvacion Nacional
“NO to the ‘National Salvation Agreement’ to surrender the country to chavismo!”

MIAMI (June 17, 2021). The Citizens Embassy of Venezuela in the United States stands in agreement with the Executive Council of the National Liberation Front of Venezuela in fully rejecting the ‘National Salvation Agreement’ proposed by the former Interim President of Venezuela Juan Guaidó and his political puppetmaster Leopoldo Lopez. Neither the Citizens Embassy of Venezuela and its volunteers and constituents, nor the National Liberation Front of Venezuela recognize Guaidó or Lopez’s legal or moral authority to make agreements on behalf of the Venezuelan people who have suffered and continue to suffer under chavismo.

We remind the public that Juan Guaidó is responsible for the Cucutazo and for protecting those who committed that crime against the nation; that Guaidó rejected or abandoned multiple offers of governmental and private military assistance from abroad; Guaidó already tried working with Luisa Ortega Diaz and making an agreement with Vladimir Padrino and Maikel Moreno in 2019, which failed spectacularly; he allowed the chavistas back into the National Assembly in 2019, before they promptly stole it in the January 2020 parliamentary coup; in his visit to the US, he publicly recognized the illegitimate TSJ of Antonio Marval, judicial coupist of Operation Green Briefcase; he was powerless to prevent the regime from naming a new chavista National Election Commission, making fair elections impossible; and the list goes on.

To add insult to injury, while the chavista usurper regime continues to kill the Venezuelan people through starvation, illness, and bullets, Juan Guaidó’s family has been skiing in the Austrian alps. While thousands of Venezuelans still languish in detention and are routinely tortured, Leopoldo Lopez has been dining in the finest restaurants in Europe and making love to his wife in fine hotels. They know the con they’re running and they continue to brazenly do so.

This National Salvation Agreement is a joke and the Venezuelan Resistance rejects it. The so-called opposition has already tried the electoral route. They won the National Assembly in 2015 and the regime created the Constituent Assembly. They won multiple governorships in 2017 and the regime overturned those elections. They negotiated for parliamentary elections in 2020 and the regime simply kidnapped the opposition parties with new chavista leadership boards. Any talk of more elections with the usurper regime is a cruel joke against the Venezuelan people.

Worst of all, if the collaborationist so-called Interim Government goes to presidential elections with the regime, then the international community would be obligated to respect the result: either the chavistas steal the election for themselves just like before, or a chavista collaborator like Lopez wins and keeps the regime alive under the guise of having an executive branch under the opposition. This means most Venezuelans could no longer seek asylum in the US, since the US’ position would be that the Venezuela Crisis is over and democracy has been “peacefully restored”.

In this scenario, all the predators of SEBIN, DGCIM, the FAES, the Collectives, and Cuban intelligence would remain at their posts, and these predators would be waiting for Venezuelan refugees when the US deports them back to Venezuela. As a humanitarian mission of civilian volunteers doing the emergency consular work abandoned by the expired Interim Government’s embassy under Carlos Vecchio, we in the Citizens Embassy cannot support policies that would effectively sign a prison sentence or death warrant for refugees seeking asylum abroad.

That’s why the Citizens Embassy of Venezuela and the National Liberation Front fully and vehemently reject the National Salvation Agreement and any talk of elections before the usurper regime and its party-state have been expelled from power and completely dismantled. The Resistance continues and Venezuelans will continue to fight as long as there is a usurper regime in power and our country remains a Cuban colony.

With love for our country and its bright future,

The volunteers of the
Citizens Embassy of Venezuela
In the United States

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