Citizens Embassy of Venezuela wishes you a Merry Christmas

The Citizens Embassy of Venezuela wishes a merry Christmas to the people of Venezuela and the United States. The past two years have been extremely difficult for various reasons. We understand that millions of Venezuelans are separted from their families due to the economic failures and depraved violence of the Bolivarian Revolution. We know that hundreds of thousands face uncertainty over their immigration status.

Our volunteers continue working hard to reunite Venezuelans detained in ICE custody with their loved ones here in the US. We also applaud the resilience of every Venezuelan who continues to survive despite the difficulties in their life created by chavismo and chavistas.

We at the Citizens Embassy will not give up the struggle, even though the false opposition already has. Frankly, we’re better off without them. We remind everyone that the reason for the Christmas holiday is unconditional love, and unconditional love for our families and friends who are suffering is the reason why we aim to completely dismantle the chavista regime and the Bolivarian Revolution.

Venezuela christmas postage stamp 1996
1996 Republic of Venezuela postage stamp: the offering of the child

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