Citizens Embassy of Venezuela rejects Maduro’s fake elections and Guaidó’s Popular Consultation, recognizes state of war with the Maduro regime

MIAMI (Dec 6, 2020) – The Citizens Embassy of Venezuela, informally known as the “Venezuelan Paraembassy,” rejects the Maduro regime’s Dec. 6 phony parliamentary elections. No legal or legitimate electoral action took place in Venezuela today, and the body of usurpers calling itself the “National Assembly” under Luis Parra is not the real National Assembly of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Today’s farce was only a sequel to the regime’s legislative coup of January 5, 2020. Also, it bears pointing out that the voting centers across the country were empty ghost towns, as more than 90% of Venezuelan voters rejected this fraud.

We  also reject the Interim President Guaido’s “Popular Consultation” and see it for the power grab that it is. The Interim Government failed to end the usurpation or hold free and fair elections. Therefore, we will no longer recognize the Interim President or the parliamentary government under the legitimate National Assembly after their terms legally expire on January 5, 2021.

On the same day, we will also stop recognizing Carlos Vecchio as the Interim Government’s Ambassador to the United States. 60 countries and Guaidó’s closest international allies offered him a blank check, which he and his government squandered in order to seek to cohabitate with the usurper regime. Their willful failure to end the usurpation and give the chavista regime oxygen allowed that usurper regime to kill over 100,000 Venezuelans through extrajudicial executions, guerrilla and paramilitary violence, imposed starvation, imposed scarcity of medicines, and historic levels of crime.

The only surviving entity of the legitimate government still recognized by the Citizens Embassy and the National Liberation Front of Venezuela (FLNV) is the Supreme Tribunal of Justice (TSJ) in exile, since the majority of its 30 magistrates remained true to their oath of office. The legitimate TSJ under former president Miguel Angel Martin issued an arrest warrant for the drug trafficker and usurper Nicolás Maduro in 2018, authorized an international military coalition to liberate Venezuela in 2019, and defended Venezuelan sovereignty in 2020 against Alex Saab in Cabo Verde.

Meanwhile, while the collaborator Carlos Vecchio tried in vain to lift US sanctions on PDVSA, the Citizens Embassy has been hard at work for the people in diaspora since its founding in January. 

  • The Venezuelan network Frente Anticomunista recognized the Citizens Embassy as the entity that legitimately represents the goals and interests of the Venezuelan people.
  • While monitoring over 100 cases at a time, our volunteers directly intervened in 42 cases on behalf of Venezuelans in ICE detention, with our efforts helping in releasing 37 refugees. 
  • Every one of the families that came to us was unanimous in that Vecchio’s embassy ignored and abandoned them, and we were the first to give them the time of day. 
  • We also investigated 14 chavista ex-functionaries and “opposition” collaborators hiding in the United States, and we reported them to Homeland Security, resulting in several deportations. 
  • Our paradiplomatic support teams visited Venezuelans at 5 different ICE detention facilities before the COVID-19 pandemic began. 
  • Finally, we helped 3 indigent Venezuelan refugees by referring them to NGOs in their area that could provide them with food, shelter, and basic medical care. 

We did all of this with no budget. Therefore, with a $200 million gift from US taxpayers, the Interim Government has no excuse for its failures. Regardless of whichever foreign countries continue to recognize the soon-to-expire Interim Government, neither Juan Guaidó nor the lame duck National Assembly speak for us. Only we speak for us. 

We reiterate the words of the civil-military command of the National Liberation Front of Venezuela: “There can be no dialogue or elections in a dirty war. We didn’t start this war. The regime and its Cuban colonial masters started it when they shot Oscar Pérez in the head; when the Cuban soldier-doctors denied medicine to non-chavistas; when their FAES death squads started massacring civilians; when they armed 3,000 prison convicts to massacre the Pemón natives; by sending their Collectives to murder unarmed civilians, and their soldiers to shoot teenagers in the face. They invited guerrilla war when they opened the country’s borders to the Colombian guerrillas, and they invited American mercenaries when they opened the country’s borders for Russian mercenaries. Therefore the insurgent armed forces (FALV) and all other independent insurgents and guarimberos who continue to resist are doing their patriotic duty under Articles 130, 132, 134, 322, and 350 of the Constitution. We didn’t start this war, but we intend to finish it. ”

The Citizens Embassy of Venezuela and the National Liberation Front are committed to ending the usurpation, liberating Venezuelan soil from all enemies foreign and domestic, and completely dismantling the machine of chavismo. There is no other way out of the crisis in Venezuela.

Embajada Ciudadana de Venezuela en Estados Unidos

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