Citizen Embassy denounces mass incarceration of Venezuelan asylum seekers

Nearly 900 Venezuelan citizens are detained in several federal prisons and immigration detention centers in the United States. Most of them are common refugees seeking asylum and never committed any crime within the United States.

The Citizen Embassy must denounce this betrayal of the Venezuelan people by agencies of the US government. We certainly give credit for the measures taken by the US in fighting Maduro’s narco-dictatorship, but this mass incarceration of refugees is unacceptable.

The only Venezuelans who should be getting deported are proven chavistas and their families, as well as members of the false opposition who constantly give Maduro chances to breathe and recover to continue his dirty war against the nation.

The Citizen Embassy is dedicated to agitating, protesting, haranguing bureaucrats, and demanding as many meetings with government officials as possible, until the innocent refugees are released and given a temporary protected status.

The inactive embassy under Carlos Vecchio has been unable to change the situation despite Vecchio being a recognized ambassador from an allied country. Therefore, we are taking on this challenge ourselves. Please contact con with the full name of the detainee, his alien number, and details about the case.

We cannot promise success but we can promise to try harder than Vecchio and the legitimate government under Guaidó. Chavistas and chavista sympathizers need not contact us.

If you would like to help, please fill out the Volunteer Public Service form.

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