Citizen Embassy categorically rejects elections while the Maduro regime is still in power

Both the legitimate government of Venezuela and the US State Department have been talking endlessly for months about “free elections” in Venezuela.

The entire staff of the Citizen Embassy of Free Venezuela in the US looks forward to the day when Venezuela will have truly free elections. We also categorically reject even entertaining the idea of elections while the Cuban puppet regime in Venezuela remains in power.

Even if Maduro leaves the country willingly with a dignified exit, which is the best and most merciful outcome he could possibly hope for, there would still remain an entire criminal network of drug traffickers and Stalinists waging unrestrained violence against the population. Removing Maduro only leaves an opening for a new figurehead.

It’s simply not possible to have free elections while Diosdado Cabello remains in the country to command 3 million militiamen loyal only to the marxist Bolivarian Revolution; or Maikel Moreno, who heads chavismo‘s rubber stamp, the Supreme Court; or Vladimir Padrino, who commands the armed forces who choose to kill their people on Raul Castro’s behalf in order to eat rather than risk a full-scale rebellion; or Iris Varela, who commands the country’s prison gangs and created the convict army that massacred the Pemon indigenous nation a year ago; or the Special Action Forces, the national SWAT team that’s arbitrarily executed over 30,000 people in 5 years. Then there are the Bolivarian National Police, the intelligence agencies SEBIN and DGCIM, the PSUV’s own militia (Bolivar-Chavez Units), the FARC / ELN / EPL guerrillas, and thousands of Cuban troops disguised in Venezuelan uniforms.

Unlike the bought and sold puppets of chavismo hiding in Guaidó’s government, we will never participate in political theater designed to fool the masses and help chavismo win. We will pledge our lives and meager fortunes for the freedom of Venezuela.

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